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All policies are reviewed as per conditions in each policy. Please note that signed copies are retained / displayed within church buildings where relevant. Any queries regarding any of the above should be directed either to those named as responsible within the specific policy, or to the Vicar.


Children & Parents,

stay safe online!


For information, support and guidance.

If something or someone worries you online, report it.

CEOP Report: This is for directing young people or their parents / carers to make a report to the police in the UK about inappropriate contact from people online. (Sorry, it can’t help with junk mail!)


Thinkuknow: This is to provide information and practical advice on how to keep young people safe online.


If you have a concern about anything you see online, you can use either of these links, or speak to Caroline Brewster, our Child Protection Officer, or another adult that you trust.

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