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What is marriage?

Marriage is the solemnization (official recognition) of a loving relationship, and a sign that this relationship is blessed by God.


Who do we contact to arrange the wedding?

The Vicar is in charge of organising the service. You are invited to attend St. Martin’s Church between 10-11am on Saturday mornings to book a wedding.


Who can be married at Saint Martin’s?

Anyone who is over 18 and free to marry. Church law states that at least one of the couple has to be living within the Parish of St. Martin’s, or be on the electoral roll of St Martin’s, or if the parish has special significance for you. An example might be the parish where one of you grew up or where a parent of one of you lives.


What next?

You will have an initial meeting with the Vicar to discuss the date and time of the marriage and a further meeting will be arranged to talk about the marriage service itself.


What if a partner has been married before?

The Church of England believes that marriage is for life.  But it recognises that, sadly, some marriages do end.  St. Martin’s offers a marriage service for those who have been divorced and are re-marrying, but the Vicar will want to talk through the circumstances surrounding that and to see a decree absolute from a divorced person to show they are free to marry again.


How much does it cost?

A deposit is required at the time we make a firm booking for your marriage service. This is not refundable.


The service at St. Martin’s is provided for an all-in fee (apart from any costs which are specific to your wedding, like service booklets and copyright fees), and includes the following:


• the service itself

• the marriage certificate

• the publication of Banns beforehand

• organist

• permission to record or video the service

• flowers in the church


What do we do if we have to cancel the wedding?

Please contact the Vicar as soon as possible. We can’t accept notification from anyone but one of the partners. We recognise that sometimes unfortunate things happen, and you will not be liable for any fees except your non-returnable booking fee.


You can find out lots more about getting married in church by visiting: