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Although death is an inevitable part of our life experience - that of a parent, partner, friend or child- it is still one of the most painful things to deal with. At St. Martin’s we recognise that everyone’s experiences will be different and so we don’t roll out a ‘standard’ funeral service. It’s important for us to meet with you, listen to your stories and respect your choices as far as we are able, so that the day of the funeral will be special and memorable, a fitting goodbye to the person you have loved.


Who do I contact to arrange a funeral?

You will probably have chosen a funeral director and they can make arrangements for you, and advise you of church fees. They will contact the clergy; confirm a date and time; and pass on details, so that you can meet-up and discuss the service in more detail.


What does a ‘Christian’ funeral include?

In any funeral, there may be a eulogy, or address, remembering the life of the person who has died, and family members may want to contribute to this. Poems can be read and music listened to. If it is a Christian funeral, usually there will be prayers for those who are grieving, and a short Bible reading (you may wish to choose this yourselves). The deceased person is commended into God’s care and keeping, and the Committal recognises the Christian hope of resurrection. The Lord’s Prayer and the 23rd Psalm (‘The Lord is my Shepherd’) may be included.


Do we have to sing hymns?

No! Your choice of music for the funeral is very important, and just because the service is held in church shouldn’t mean that you all have to sing things that are unfamiliar. You may wish to choose some music from a favourite CD instead. But if hymns and organ music are appropriate, we can arrange that.


Do the clergy only conduct funerals in the Church?

No. We are available to take funerals in crematoriums or at a graveside, especially if the deceased person lived in St. Martin’s parish.


Will you come and inter / scatter the ashes after a cremation?

Yes. This is something we are glad to help with.


You will probably have many more questions than this page has answered, and we hope that, alongside the funeral director you have chosen, we can respond to these, supporting you through this difficult time

Funeral Care