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What is Baptism?

Baptism is the way we join the Christian family (the Church) and are given our Christian name(s). This is why it is also called Christening. If you wish simply to give thanks for the birth of your baby, a service of Thanksgiving may be appropriate and is readily available.


What happens at baptism?

We use the symbols of oil (a sign of God’s love), water (a sign of new life and of washing clean) and light (a sign of hope) to mark a child or adult becoming part of the Christian family.


Who do I contact to arrange the baptism?

Please call the church office on 01622-669351/01622-755502 or email:

[email protected]


Who can be baptised at St. Martin’s?

Anyone can be baptised who is living in the Parish or who has strong links with the church, for example a regular attendee of services here.


What is the cost of the baptism ceremony?

The baptism service is free; but there is a small charge for certificates and candles.


When can the baptism take place?

We hold baptism services on the second and fourth Sundays of most months, at 12noon or 12:30pm.